Teaching on 万圣节: How to Survive the Secondary ELA Classroom

Teaching on 万圣节: How to Survive the Secondary ELA Classroom

Despite rigorous curriculum demands from schools, districts, and the state, secondary ELA teachers can still have fun on 万圣节 and even teach some content as well.

什么也没说“Halloween” to me more than dimmed lights, eerie background music, and a spooky story. 这个 is the perfect opportunity for English and literature teachers to really instill a love of reading into students because there are so many spooky stories to choose from. Also, 万圣节 is well after my short story unit, so I’ve already taught all of the major literary devices for the year, so we can just read the story. Personally, my favorite story to read on 万圣节 with my students is “ 猴子 ’s Paw” 通过 W. W. Jacobs.


我玩 不祥的背景音乐 整天,我都会使灯光保持昏暗,并且因为我可以成为一个大人物,所以在介绍这个故事时会带一个手电筒使用。您知道,就像我们过去在篝火旁聚会并讲一些令人恐惧的故事一样。这里有一个 链接 to a YouTube video that plays a few hours of background music. 这个 track isn't too distracting, and it will really add some 万圣节 ambiance to your classroom.
Teaching on 万圣节: How to Survive the Secondary ELA Classroom

自从我’ve already covered short story elements, I briefly introduce the story and ask them to look for elements of foreshadowing and suspense. Then I read the story aloud, deliberately and slowly, for added effect. 自从我 use this day as an opportunity to show students just how enjoyable literature can be, I usually read the story all the way through. I find that the fewer breaks the better because it really allows students to have an opportunity to sink into the story and experience all of it’恐怖和悬念。

阅读故事后,我们会在课堂上进行快速讨论,以检查他们的理解力,然后完成 短篇小说的近距离阅读活动. 这个 activity is perfect for schools with strict curriculum guidelines or for schools that require that teachers teach and post the standards daily. 这个 close read still allows students to have fun and celebrate 万圣节 while working on an academically rigorous assignment that is aligned to the common core standards.

这个 仔细阅读作业 在我的“教师付款教师”商店中可用。除故事段落和近距离阅读笔记外,该作业还包括各种写作作业和脚手架段落笔记,以帮助挣扎和熟练的学生脱颖而​​出。

我最喜欢的其他一些怪异的短篇小说是“阿蒙蒂利亚多酒桶 “和” 最危险的游戏 。”

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